I’ve struggled with anxiety for a while, and when I was in 4th grade, my teacher assigned a special project to the class. We were asked to come up with creating a hypothetical non-profit where children would have the ability to make an impact. The project, called C.H.O.W. (Children Helping Our World) needed to be something that kids could actually do to better our world. My parents encouraged me to think about my own life and experiences to help me come up with a good project. That’s when it hit me. This is how I can help our world. I can help other kids who are nervous and scared by teaching them tips and tricks to help them get through tough situations.

The project was a total hit, and I decided to redesign it, and repackage it into a socially conscious project. I’ve worked really hard over the last year to get my SUNCards ready for a big launch.  


  Each deck comes with 50 cards, in three styles. Sunshine cards (20 total) have mindful tricks and positive sayings and affirmations.  Action cards (28 total) have helpful techniques to help kids refocus on something positive instead of their anxiety, worry or trouble. The last group of cards are called Spread the Sunshine cards (2 total), and are intended to help you with random acts of kindness. All cards feature lovable monsters to help convey each message. 

This deck of cards is small and easy to keep with you. Perfect for helping you manage your worries on the go, it will fit easily into your backpack, school desk, or even your pocket.  

 My main goal as I began this project was to help as many people as I could. Pretty early on I recognized how privileged I was, that my parents could afford to get me the help I needed. I now know how expensive mental health professionals can be, and how difficult it is to find a professional to talk with. Sometimes they are really far away, or have waiting lists before you can even make an appointment. So I not only wanted to make sure that my cards could be something that you could keep with you all the times, I also wanted to make sure that they were accessible to the kids who might not be able to afford then on their own.

That’s when I had the idea for “Get a Deck, Give a Deck.” For every deck purchased, I decided that I would give a deck to a non-profit who works with kids living in stressful situations. Although my cards are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, they are a tool that can be used to help kids and adults manage stressful situations. I have been lucky enough to partner with a couple of nonprofits, and I’m hoping that this Kickstarter will allow me to help hundreds or even thousands of kids.

This Kickstarter campaign will allow me to finalize the artwork for the cards. It will also allow me to place an order for decks in bulk quantities, making it possible for me to sell and also donate decks of SUNCards to non-profits.  

Risks and challenges

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